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The Association for Integrative Financial and Life Planning is comprised of individuals who share a vision of a better kind of planning that encompasses both financial and non-financial issues in an integrated way.  We acknowledge that ideas along these lines have been in the air for some years now, and that progress has been made in some areas.  But we also perceive that much remains to be done, both in developing planning tools and methods that are comprehensive and integrated, and in promoting awareness and use of such tools and methods.

AIFLP was conceived in 2007 when a group of financial planners, life planners, academics, writers, trainers, financial product providers, software developers, and other interested parties, agreed on the need to advocate for more integrative (holistic) planning models and practices.  We are organized as an informal association, with no membership fees currently in effect.

We have been instrumental in creating an on-line Resource Directory that helps you find articles, books, websites, products, services, people, and organizations that relate to integrative planning.  We are working to expand its content on a regular basis.  If you want yourself, your organization, your publications, and/or other products and services you know about to be included, contact us for information about how to do that.

We also publish a quarterly journal called The Integrative Adviser, which is available without charge, if you contact us.  Our online version, where members can discuss topics of interest, is available at www.IntegrativeAdviser.org.

Some of our members make professional discounts available to other members.  If you would like to offer such a discount, let us know.

For more information about our goals and intentions, review our White Paper ("Toward a Richness of Life: A White Paper on the Advantages of Integrating Financial and Life Planning, and the Need for a Professional Association to Promote it"), which is the first article in the first issue of The Integrative Adviser (published in PDF format, Adobe Reader required).